Publications by Dr Vivienne Cass

  • Homosexual identity formation: A theoretical model.  Journal of Homosexuality, 1979, 4(3), 219 – 234
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  • The implications of homosexual identity formation for the Kinsey model and scale of sexual preference. Chapter in D. McWhirter, S Sanders & R. Reinisch (Eds), Heterosexuality-Homosexuality: Concepts of Sexual Orientation  N.Y.: Oxford Press 1990
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  • Sexual orientation identity formation: A Western phenomenon, In R. Cabaj & T. Stein (Eds), Textbook of Homosexuality and Mental Health  American Psychiatric Press, Washington, 1996
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  • Bringing psychology in from the cold: Framing psychological theory and research within a constructionist psychology framework.  In J. Bohan & G.  Russell, Psychology and Sexual Orientation: The Meanings We Make – Conversations about Psychology and Sexual Orientation NY University Press 1999
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  • Who is influencing whom? The relationship between identity, sexual orientation and indigenous psychology.  Gay and lesbian issues and psychology review. 2005, Vol 1(2), 47-52
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  • Sexual orientation and the place of psychology: side-lined, side-tracked or should that be side-swiped? Gay and lesbian issues and psychology review. 2006, Vol 2(1), 25-37
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  • Stage allocation measure – Download the PDF.
  • Homosexual Identity Formation: The presentation and testing of socio-cognitive theory – Download the PDF.
  • A Quick Guide to the Cass Theory of Lesbian & Gay Identity Formation. Ebook Edition. Brightfire Press.2015. Available from and
  • The myth of asexual motherhood. In Mothers, sex and sexuality. H. Waiff (Ed) Hatchette Press, Forthcoming publication 2018.

For the full publication list please see Dr Cass’ full CV.

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