Brightfire Press is a small publishing company that was established in 2003 to produce books and educational materials which present the area of sexology (the study of sexuality) in a non-sensationalist, factual and positive way.

Brightfire Press has produced three significant publications:

The Elusive Orgasm: A woman’s guide to why she can’t and how she can orgasm (2004)

This book has been successfully sold throughout the world and was published in North America by Perseus Books in 2007. An updated edition has been published by Rockpool Publishing (2009) and translations in Czech, Chinese, Russian, Polish and Spanish are available.

The Illustrated Clitoris

This set of educational posters of the clitoral anatomy is based on illustrations of the clitoris first produced for The Elusive Orgasm. These are the most accurate and up-to-date illustrations of the clitoris currently available and the set has proved to be a valuable resource for health professionals, clinicians and educators alike.

Explore Women’s Sex

This sex education iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad app is an exciting new addition to Brightfire Press’ publications.  Produced for the general public as well as education and health professionals, it provides a complete overview of women’s sexual anatomy and how this information can be used to improve women’s sexual satisfaction.

Brightfire Press publishes the work of Dr Vivienne Cass, Clinical Psychologist and Sexologist. Brightfire Press is no longer accepting manuscripts from other authors.

Brightfire Press welcomes feedback from readers.

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