Brief Summary

Who is she and what does she do?

Adjunct Associate Professor, Curtin University, Western Australia (2011-2015)

Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Sexual Therapist
Lecturer (sexual therapy); Public speaker (psychology & sexuality)
Independent Scholar: professional publications (sexual orientation)
Theorist: Cass theory of lesbian and gay identity formation
Author: The Elusive Orgasm: a woman’s guide to why she can’t and how she can orgasm
App creator (iphone/ipad app): Explore Women’s Sex

Vivienne is a clinical psychologist and sexual therapist with over 30 years experience.  For most of her working life she ran a private psychology practice where she saw adults (and some young people) who had many different types of problems.  She is now retired from her practice but continues to do consultancy work that involves master classes in psychotherapy, supervision of other psychologists and some lecturing.  Her therapy is based on an eclectic mix of therapies, with her foundation training being in Gestalt Therapy.

Vivienne is a sexuality specialist with expertise in the areas of sexual dysfunction, sexual offences, sexual abuse and sexual orientation.  She has worked with gender issues within the framework of feminist therapy and has also been involved for many years with the various issues of transgender people.

Following publication of her theory of gay and lesbian identity formation in 1979, Vivienne acquired an international reputation for her work in this area.  Her theory continues to be used by researchers and clinicians and has received numerous citations in other publications.  She has also published a number of book chapters and journal papers in this area.

Additionally, Vivienne has published two books intended for both the general public and a professional readership: The Elusive Orgasm: a woman’s guide to why she can’t and how she can orgasm which is now in 6 languages; and, There’s More to Sex than AIDS: The A to Z guide to safe sex, which arose out of her work in HIV/AIDS during the late 80s.  She has also published a set of sex education posters on the clitoral anatomy, and an iphone/ipad app on the same topic.

Vivienne has nearly 30 years experience in giving interviews with all forms of the media, including radio, TV, newspapers and magazines.

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