Vivienne Cass…reminds us that orgasms are not essential to good or even great sex…[this is] the opening gambit of a very helpful and reassuring book that is more than a guide to having orgasms, it is a book about having good sex. Clinicians who treat women with arousal and orgasm difficulties will find The Elusive Orgasm an extremely helpful adjunct to therapy.

Review: Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, 2006, Vol 32(1) by Dr Kathryn Hall

The Elusive Orgasm offers the perfect combination of psychology, science and plain talk. Dr. Cass speaks frankly, putting her readers at ease while covering this “elusive” topic completely and expertly. The illustrations are first rate, and the quizzes and questionnaires get the reader intimately involved. This book should be at every bedside — and it should bring increased sexual fulfillment to anyone who opens it.

Jim Barnes, Managing Editor, Independent Publisher Online/Jenkins Group Inc.

The Elusive Orgasm is an important book for all women, their partners and health professionals. It takes a woman by the hand and gently guides her to sexual satisfaction and pleasure. Dr Cass’ humour and non-judgmental style help women to learn about their bodies and sexual responses. What fun to read!

Professor Beverly Whipple, Distinguished sex researcher and co-author, The G-Spot

This book is written in clear, accessible language and explores the issues relevant to female sexuality. It is suitable for women of all ages and offers easy to follow exercises and advice. Highly recommended (5 stars).

J, Librarian, Family Planning Association

The diagrams are very good, certainly better than anything I have seen anywhere else.

Dr Helen O’Connell, Medical Reseacher in clitoral anatomy; Urologist; Chief, NeuroUrology and Continence, Royal Melbourne Hospital.

This is a ground-breaking book on female orgasmic difficulties, the first new book on the subject for thirty years.

Dr Steve Adams, Claremont Sexual Health Clinic

Congratulations on a unique and attractive book. The Elusive Orgasm is very impressive. It is accessible and friendly with a tolerance and openness which does not lose sight of the subject’s intrinsic enjoyment.

Professor Bob White, Professor of English, Communication and Cultural Studies University of Western Australia

I tried one of Dr Cass’ suggestions and it worked immediately!

Erin, 45 years

I’ve never before come across a book written this way – it makes me feel like Dr Cass is right here in the room talking to me.

Jenny, 42 years

Dr Cass’ book contains splendidly graphic illustrations showing the female genitals and clitoral structures in all their newly revealed glory.

Bettina Arndt, The Story of O, The Bulletin

After 20 years of thinking it’s my fault my wife didn’t orgasm, Dr Cass showed me I was not to blame. I can now relax and enjoy sex.

Brian, 54 years

The Elusive Orgasm is sensible, respectful, well-illustrated and easy to read.

Dr Deirdre O’Dea, Australian Doctor

The Elusive Orgasm is written with warmth, humour and compassion. It should be on every heterosexual man’s reading list.

SHOUT Magazine

Thoroughly recommended!

M. Beeck, Vulvar Vestibulitis News

I have page markers all through the book – there’s so much that’s relevant to me.

Paula, 28 years

The Elusive Orgasm is a must in all bedrooms and libraries… The book is highly recommended…

NOVA Magazine

The Elusive Orgasm is something of a sexual bible. Dr Cass’s respect for whoever is reading her words of wisdom is what comes across most of all.

OUT Magazine

I bought The Elusive Orgasm and I found that within one month I had felt my first orgasm.

Cindy, 18 years

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to gain fresh insight into the sexuality of women.

WOW Magazine

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