Media Releases – Feb 2004 – The Female Orgasm – No Longer So Elusive

The Female Orgasm – No Longer So Elusive

February 2004

Not since Mick Jagger swaggered on stage crooning about ‘getting none’ has there been such a buzz surrounding sexual satisfaction.

The topic that has embarrassed women and confounded many men for years – the female orgasm – has become the subject of a new book by Australian author and clinical psychologist Dr Vivienne Cass.

To be released in a world premiere in Australia on March 4 2004, The Elusive Orgasm has been the subject of many years of research and aims to help women and men increase female sexual satisfaction, while assisting those women for whom an orgasm is nothing but myth.

With the latest colourful scientific drawings and humorous text designed to put readers at ease, The Elusive Orgasm is suitable for women of all ages, cultures and ethnicities, and can be used by women with disabilities and women in same-sex relationships.

It identifies 25 causes of women’s inability to achieve orgasm regularly including problems relating to personal style, relationships, health, sexual style and lifestyle.

Dr Cass said she wrote The Elusive Orgasm because she identified a gap in the sexual ‘self help’ books market.

“Surprisingly, there are very few self-help books that aim to help women with orgasm difficulties. There are few books that have been written since the 1970s and the ones that have are not suited to women of all ages and education levels, nor do they account for different sexual orientation, ethnicities or disabilities,” Dr Cass said.

“Many books have also demonstrated a serious lack of knowledge about the clitoris and they fail to address the many and various reasons women have for not achieving orgasm, such as a lack of sexual attraction to a partner.”

And despite a supposed sexual revolution, Dr Cass said many women are still unable to enjoy sexual satisfaction.

“In a recent survey, almost one-third of Australian women said they never, rarely, or only sometimes felt an orgasm,” Dr Cass said.

The Elusive Orgasm has been written to contribute to greater sexual satisfaction by improving women’s sexual knowledge along with self esteem and confidence in their sexuality.

“I have also aimed to help women feel comfortable about the fact that they may not want to strive towards orgasm which is perfectly ok,” she said.

Dr Vivienne Cass is an author, radio personality and clinical psychologist with over 30 years experience in sexology. She has a Doctorate and Masters in Psychology and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Society of Sex Educators, Researchers and Therapists. Dr Cass is also a member of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health and the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.

The Elusive Orgasm will be distributed by Tower and released in March 2004 nationally. Recommended retail price – $35.00.

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