Chapter Synopsis

The manuscript has 15 chapters and is 94,300 words.

Chapters 1-2

Introductory, building a relationship between author and reader. Helping the reader to assess whether the book can help her or not. Normalising orgasm difficulties in women.

Chapter 3

Defines and explains women’s arousal and orgasm (illustrations are situated here).

Chapters 4-6

Each of these chapters addresses a different type of orgasm difficulty and describes the causes of each (25 in total).

Chapter 7

Helps the reader to summarise the causes of her orgasm difficulty and identify the areas that need changing according to the headings of Lifestyle, Personal, Sexual, Relationships and Health.

Chapters 8-12

Each chapter addresses one of the five areas identified in the previous chapter and the way the reader can make changes that will help her towards orgasm (or to accepting her situation).

Chapter 13-14

Provides a step-by-step guide to sexual programs that will lead the woman to orgasm. The first is a program for the reader to do on her own, the second is to be done with a partner.

Chapter 15

Brief concluding comment.

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