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Finally…the iPad version of my sex education app has been released on the App Store.  

However, The Illustrated Clitoris, as the app was previously called, has undergone a ‘sex change’ and is now titled EXPLORE WOMEN’S SEX. Why? Because it’s too difficult to market something that is presented on the App Store as C*******s. It seems ‘G-Spot’ is ok but c******s is not.

Explore Women’s Sex is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPhone Touch. If you previously downloaded the iphone app, you can now update the new version freeto all your devices. Otherwise, it can be bought on the appstore for the ridiculous price of $2.99 AUD- just go to this link on the App Store:


Enjoy!   Dr V.


When ‘clitoris’ becomes ‘c*******s.

I have finally been able to get the Appstore to restore the full name of my iphone app, THE ILLUSTRATED CLITORIS.  This is good news but there is just one problem.  The Appstore has presented the word ‘clitoris’ like this:  C******s.  While I understand it doesn’t want to upset people, how are we ever going to be able to teach people that body parts such as ‘clitoris’, ‘vagina’ and ‘penis’ should be treated the same as other body parts, such as ‘arm’, face’ and so on.  We have a long, long way to go.  And it doesn’t help to market the app either!   Dr V.

Oral sex: who is more comfortable, men or women?

Many cultures hold mixed attitudes about women’s genitals, with shame and worries about genital hygiene and appearance coming up against the promotion of the enjoyment of sex.  So perhaps it isn’t surprising that women prefer to engage in oral sex in on-going relationships rather than during casual sex.  One study (Armstrong et al 2009, 2010) found that women who received oral sex did so during 26% of casual sex events, compared with 62% of relationship events. Interestingly, men received oral sex in 41% of casual events and 70% of relationship sex. So, as Chambers (2007) concluded, most women and men felt more comfortable receiving oral sex during sex with a committed partner,but men are more comfortable than women doing it with a casual sex partner.   THE ILLUSTRATED CLITORIS iphone app is aimed at helping both men and women to develop positive attitudes about the female genitals as well as accurate information about how the clitoris contributes to women’s sexual arousal.  Dr V.

What should we do when sex is bleeped – you know, when penis becomes p***s and clitoris becomes c******s? This commonly happens on the appstore, as I found out with my recent phone app, #The Illustrated Clitoris, yet the complete word for these and other parts of our sexual anatomy are mentioned thousands of times a day elsewhere on the Internet without a single *. Is Apple taking a responsible position here, given that people of different ages and cultures can view their products online, or is it a case of still getting embarrassed about sexual body parts? What do you think?  Dr V

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