Is sexual orientation hard-wired?

I was asked this question recently.  Here is how I answered it: The problem with the hard-wired approach to orientation is that it comes from a philosophical position that says that behaviour is caused by biology alone, ie, it’s in the brain. This has always seemed absurd to me.  All behaviour, including attractions, is the result of a very complex process of interaction between biology, psychology and cultural factors. One of these factors on their own simply won’t explain human behaviour and certainly not something as varied as orientaton.  Some people, for example, are very flexible in their orientations and are able to make changes in their attractions. Others are much more fixed orientation. However we try to explain it, we need to be able to understand different forms of orientation.

Of course, hard-wiring is easy to get your head around and easy to talk about – which is half the reason it is so popular.  Dr V 

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